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From 1 April 2019, market participants are required to comply with ASIC Derivative Transaction (Reporting) Rules (F2015C00262)

Official Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) registration service for Australian companies

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Active Legal Entity Identifiers
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Database snapshot

October 2021
320 New LEI numbers issued
Fully corroborated LEI numbers 60.2%

About the Company

Australia LEI offers convenient and secure registration services. We are recognized by the GLEIF as the official LEI number registration agent for Australian companies.
Over 95% of LEIs managed by Australia LEI are fully corroborated
Secure payment by card, PayPal or Invoice
Automated data transfer from the Australian Business Register

Applying for an LEI is fast and secure

We issue over 90% of numbers in less than 24 hours.

We request the required data from the Australian Business Register to ensure your application complies with LEI number standards.
Select one of our convenient extended-length LEI packages. We offer LEI numbers with a validity of up to 5 years.
Pay securely using your credit card, PayPal or we can send you an invoice for the bank transfer.

LEI number initial application, renewal or change of data

All LEI number management services in one place!

Initial application

To apply for an LEI number for the first time, please complete the application on our website. We request the required data from the Australian Business Register and will start the preliminary validation of your data immediately.

Apply for LEI
Renewal & Transfer

The LEI number must be renewed at least once a year to remain valid in the GLEIF database. If you use Australia LEI as your agent to renew your LEI, the number will be transferred to our administration.

Renew your LEI

Legal Entity Identifier system

How are LEI numbers issued?

The purpose of LEI numbers is to make it easier to identify a counterparty in financial transactions. The issuance of numbers is regulated by the global umbrella organisation GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation)

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Applying for an LEI number via Australia LEI

Take a few minutes to submit your application and we will do the rest!

To apply for an LEI number, a GLEIF-accredited number issuer LOU (Local Operating Unit) is needed. Australia LEI is a LOU contractual registration agent that registers LEI number in Australia. Australia LEI’s database is interfaced with the Australian Business Register, which allows us to automatically query and update data related to your company. We offer Australian companies a fast and affordable service and keep the data in the GLEIF database in line with your current information.
Companies applying for an LEI
We validate data using the Australian Business Register or other sources
The LEI number is issued to the customer
The LEI number is entered into the GLEIF database
An LEI number must be renewed at least once a year

Simple and transparent pricing

Australia LEI enables you to apply for a number for up to five years

Australia LEI s customers only pay for applying for or renewal of the LEI number. Updating data, transferring the LEI number or other activities related to the number are all free of charge for our customers.

No hidden fees - all fees are included in our price

Initial application price list:

LEI number renewal price list:

Questions and answers

Do you have an additional question?

What is an LEI?
An LEI code or Legal Entity Identifier is a unique number, consisting of 20 symbols, that allows for identification within the global financial system. An LEI number is issued to a company just once and is unique.
Who is obliged to request an LEI number?
Broadly speaking, Australian or foreign entities that trade in OTC derivatives within the Australian marketplace should obtain an LEI in order to comply with ASIC’s regulations. Australian entities transacting in securities within the European marketplace should also be aware of the obligations imposed by MiFID II and EMIR . Financial Institutions should also be cognisant of their requirements under ASIC’s Clearing Rules. If you’re unsure whether you might need an LEI to operate in other financial markets around the world, consult LEI ROC’s webpage.
How much does an LEI number cost?
An LEI number costs from 90$ a year. Our full price list is available on our homepage and upon application.
How long is the LEI number valid?
The LEI number is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. The number must then be extended (via a renewal appication) for the following year.
What do we do if company data changes in the Australian Business Register?
Throughout the LEI number period, it is important that the company’s data in the GLEIF database matches the data in the Commercial Register. If the company’s data changes in the Commercial Register, please let us know by e-mail – We will change the data in the GLEIF database (free of charge).
How long does it take to issue an LEI number?
An LEI number is usually issued within 1-2 working days of payment. If the legal structure of the company (consolidation group) is complex and additional information is required, it may take longer to issue the number. We issue 99% of number in less than 24 hours.
Can I apply LEI for a Trust?

Yes, we also accept LEI applications for Trusts. If Trust is not registered with ABN or ACN, please insert “Not Registered” as a company number in the LEI application.

Why do you need an LEI number?
An LEI number is required for reporting transactions made by a legal entity to supervisory authorities. In other words, more detailed information is wanted about who, where, and with whom transactions are being completed in financial markets.
How can a company request an LEI number?
Australia LEI makes requesting an LEI number for a company easy! Complete the application and pay us using internet banking. Then, wait a few days and the LEI number and the receipt will be sent to your email.
How do you pay for an LEI number?
After submitting and signing your application, you can easily pay with debit or credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
How do multiannual LEIs work?
Multiannual LEIs save you time and money. For example, if you order a 3-year LEI, regisration of the LEI with a validity of 1 year is included alongside the automatic renewal of your LEI number for a further 2 years. By doing so, you do not have to deal with the renewal of your LEI number every year and, since the annual price of our multiannual contracts is cheaper, you will also save money! LEI renewal is performed 30-60 days before your next renewal date so your LEI is always valid in the GLEIF database.
Where can I verify the existence or validity of an LEI?
The validity of the LEI number can be verified on the Australia LEI homepage by using the search. Our database is connected to the GLEIF base and Australian Business Register and it is updated four times a day. LEI number can be also verified on the website of the GLEIF.
Why use Australia LEI services?
Australia LEI is an official LEI registration agent, which means we comply with all regulations and data transmission standards. This is especially important for companies considering registering for multiannual renewal of its LEI, since the company makes an advance payment to the registration agent for the entire period. Our database is integrated with that of Australian Business Register and is updated automatically. This reduces the administrative burden on your part, as data changes within the GLEIF database are automated. The use of an official registration agent ensures secure data processing and quality service. Australia LEI is working in close cooperation with its affiliated sites in various countries. If you wish to apply for an LEI for a foreign company, you can apply via Australia LEI domestic site or use the following affiliated registration sites:
Region Website Link
Belgium LEI code
Canada LEI code
Czech Republic LEI kód
Denmark LEI kode
Estonia LEI kood
Finland LEI tunnus
France Code LEI
Germany LEI nummer
India LEI code
Ireland LEI code
Italy Codice LEI
Latvia LEI kods
Lithuania LEI kodas
Luxembourg Code LEI
Netherland LEI code
Norway LEI kode
Portugal Código LEI
Spain Código LEI
Sweden LEI kod
Switzerland LEI nummer
United Kingdom LEI code
USA LEI code
What documents are needed to apply LEI for a Trust?

In order to issue LEI for a Trust, we need some supporting documents to verify legal name on the Trust, legal address and Trustees. This can be for example a Trust DEED, establishing agreement or any other similar document to confirm the data.